Saint Antoine's Cellar

Saint Antoine's Cellar represents more than 400 hectares of vineyards located in the Eastern plains, near Ghisonaccia. It is part of the AOC area ( Guaranteed Appellation "Wine of Corsica).

Created in 1975 by the vintners of Saint Antoine's hills, the "Vintners's Cooperative" has two goals :
- To preserve the wine ressources of the island with traditional types of vine : these vines give the wine its typical flavour and are completely
appropriate to the Corsican soil.
To optimize the techniques of growing vines, the wine-making process tools
and storage in order to propose wines which meet the expectations and tastes of the current consumers. Today the Saint Antoine's cellar propose a large range of wines. Their quality is regularly awarded during exhibitions and competitions. Trademarks registered by INPI.

Bottling (2400 bottles per hour)
Two Double Cooling Jacket vats Stainless vats 304 with floating hat are reserved for wines preparation for the bottling. Filtration's palette before bottled.

Vats room
(more than 30 000 hl capacity)
Installation of neutral gas to preserve the quality during the drawing.
Two cooling groups for the temperatures control during wine making and maturation.
Vats for carbonic maceration.

Wine making
Red : picking of, fermentation : 8 days long thermoregulated by flag, stocking during one year in vats, filtration on patches before bottling.
Rosé : joining of dripping and bleeding, racking, fermentation at 18/22°C, sticking, 2 or 3 filtration before bottling.
White : as for the rosé with a one day long fermentation.

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